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 Optics Improvement (Vehicles)

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Optics Improvement (Vehicles) Empty
PostSubject: Optics Improvement (Vehicles)   Optics Improvement (Vehicles) EmptySun May 25, 2014 11:31 pm

This is to suggest to improve the vehicles at optics HQ, to be equal mafia could have the same amount but in their HQ, located where they want it.

Optics Improvement (Vehicles) Optics10

Optics Improvement (Vehicles) Optics11

Reason for this is because Terrorists and cops have these vehicles and it's unfair on factions to go to either terrorists or cops hq to get these vehicles. Optics' nearest tanks/hydra/hunter/seasparrow is terror HQ, But mafia are far out from the HQ's and theyre near to cops as terror hq is too far out. Please take this into thought.

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Optics Improvement (Vehicles) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Optics Improvement (Vehicles)   Optics Improvement (Vehicles) EmptyMon May 26, 2014 1:39 am

Talk to faction leader for this, but in anycase we will not add vehicles, we can change position of base if u wish to.
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Optics Improvement (Vehicles)
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