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 Admin - Application ( [SAS]SUMAIR )

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Admin - Application ( [SAS]SUMAIR ) Empty
PostSubject: Admin - Application ( [SAS]SUMAIR )   Admin - Application ( [SAS]SUMAIR ) EmptyMon May 19, 2014 10:30 pm

In-Game Name - [SAS]SUMAIR
Age - 19
In-Game Score - 40000
Have you ever been banned before - Nope
What is your timezone in GMT - +4:00
DO you have anything we can communicate to you with( teamspeak, Skype etc) - All check.
Do you have a microphone - Yes
Do you meet all of the requirements - Most of them.
Have you fully read and understood our forum and In-Game rules - Yes
Why are you interested in joining our Helper team (50 words minimum) - I want to help and support this server and its players with all I can. I like to help people who are new to the server. If I find a new guy, I try my best to spend time with him and teach him how to survive. I understand that helpers have limitations and responsibilities, but I can reach more into players and help them.  
How would you benefit the server and the community(50 word minimum) - I can speak Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu. So, I can help players from Middle East and South Asia too. I have admin and supporter[Testers/helpers] experience in many server. So I know how to respond professionally. I am a scripter and mapper, I will apply for one after I reach a better score and knowing more about the server internally.
Other comments - I know ma activity is not the best. I am going to be more active. Nothing else to add. AND IAM so old players and active player of the server .
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Admin - Application ( [SAS]SUMAIR ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Admin - Application ( [SAS]SUMAIR )   Admin - Application ( [SAS]SUMAIR ) EmptyTue May 20, 2014 8:16 am

- admin apps are closed
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Admin - Application ( [SAS]SUMAIR )
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