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 Suggestion for vcmds !

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Hen Sam

Hen Sam

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Suggestion for vcmds ! Empty
PostSubject: Suggestion for vcmds !   Suggestion for vcmds ! EmptyMon May 19, 2014 5:57 pm

Please take care my suggestion :

These features are advantages vip very good for vip members , besides there are also a few annoying features and not fair to orther players . You may know i'm a vip and as well as a vip i swear i'm never use vcmds to fly or fight as an unfair , you can ask some orther admins or vips member to confirm i'm lie or not . So i suggest please removes the annoying vip features to avoid some vip's abuser . I must says some examples like Tarig_Saad or Capone ( sorry if you unhappy) they both abused vfly and made heli blade to me many times then i got mad and given them warnings , so i think many players just like me also , very dislike even got angry if they abuse like that . One more thing i received so many reports who those using vcmds to fly as hacker , so i hope these annoying commands ( best of annoying is /vfly) will be removed soon
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Suggestion for vcmds ! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Suggestion for vcmds !   Suggestion for vcmds ! EmptyTue May 20, 2014 8:18 am

I will add a new rule for VIP in this case.
And before using vfly a message will be sent to VIPs to use it outside battlefield only.
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Suggestion for vcmds !
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