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 [K]1cK to [CVT]Marshall

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[K]1cK to [CVT]Marshall Empty
PostSubject: [K]1cK to [CVT]Marshall   [K]1cK to [CVT]Marshall EmptyWed May 14, 2014 3:18 pm

Ingame Name : [K]1cK
Score ( screenshot) : I dont have but i have 7000+ score from now im pro and behave at all times Smile
Why you want the [CVTTag? ( 3 lines atleast ) :Because terminater said : Admin applications are closed,you can apply for [CVT].Im sure im directly accepted but i dont hack im just a pro not a hacker Sad plz terminater accept me directly Smile
Banned/Kicked From the server Recently ( be honest ) : No. qazi_galaxy kicking me always cuz of reason : stfu O_O
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[K]1cK to [CVT]Marshall
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