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 Logan T Deer's unban appeal

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Logan T Deer

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PostSubject: Logan T Deer's unban appeal    Mon May 12, 2014 5:56 pm

Unban Application

Your Ingame Name: Logan T Deer
Admin Who Banned you: Head admin forget there name
Reason for Ban:Tp Hacks
Why we should unban you?: The reason why I should be unbanned from this server is for several reasons.
Let me just tell you what happened.
I was just finishing up my helljumper, since I was killed. and apparently someone reported me for something.
After that I was slapped about three times, from the same admin.
The slaps were like every 2 mins, so as I was saying I died from the helljumper and after I died I wen't to get a NRG.
I got the NRG and drove off of the mountain with it.
While I drove off I got slapped in the air.
I then fell onto the ground, I wen't to go retrieve my NRG, but as I got on it I was banned for TP hacks.
I would just like to note, I've never used any hacks on SAMP, I don't even know how to get them.
I am not blamming the admin that banned me as this may have been a misunderstand.
I wish to be unbanned, that's the only resolution I seek.
- Thank you for putting this in concentration.
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PostSubject: Re: Logan T Deer's unban appeal    Mon May 12, 2014 6:09 pm

- i am in good mode so i am not talking to admin concerned Razz
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Logan T Deer's unban appeal
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