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 Administration Rules

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PostSubject: Administration Rules   Fri May 09, 2014 2:14 pm

Plz This Is Only Suggestion
Administrators Rules!

RULE 1 - All rules are to be followed and abided by at all times. - The rules are here not to make your life harder but to help the server, therefore if you disobey the rules the message we get is you do not want to help the server, that gives us ground to demote you.
- These rules apply to anyone with a level, 1-10,

RULE 2 - Admins will not abuse ANY command - Your commands are giving to you so that you can can keep the sever free of hackers and to help any players that are in need of your help, They are not there to the benefit of the admin
- You cannot use goto command (/goto) to kill, any player. This command is to only be used if a player is in need of your help or you have there permission.
fight with players - They cannot repair there car so you also cannot. This command should be used to repair you car whilst free driving, and if helping another player.
- You cannot use the admin commands to (/setvip-/setvip) whilst in a fight - Like above, the players cannot, so you cannot. This command is used if you have low health and are not at risk of being attacked.
- You cannot use to give admin level command (/setlevel) with the intend of giving a player exessive amounts of cash.
- You cannot use god mode (/god or any variation on that command) whilst in a poplated area, or have a non leveled player in your vehicle. This command is only to be used when free roaming.
- You cannot use the burn command (Burn) on a player with the intent of killing them. This command is used to check for hacks, that is all.
- More to be added at a later date

RULE 3 - You are not to ask for a Promotion - Having a Admin level is a privilage NOT a right!. Be happy with the level you have, i belive if you work for the level you will be more staified as you get a higher level
- Asking for a promotion MAY result in a demotion, or a delay in any promotion that may be pending.

RULE 4 - You are to attempt to help a player, EVEN if you cannot speak there language. I dont want admins to ignore players who speak a different language.
- If you cannot help a player due to the langiage barrier, do not ignore them. Tell the in your native language you cannot help them - Include there name so that they know you have acknoledged them.
- Not every player speaks English. It wont do any good warning somewon that doesnt speak English. Be sure they can understand english before warning, if not see if there is an Admin online who speaks there language.
- You are to help all players when and if needed, and you are to be freindly at all times. We understand that you need time to play the game, however try to do this when there is other admins online, players must come first

RULE 5- Miniguns, Rocket launchers,RPG's,Flame thrower, Satchels and Heatseekers are ILLEGAL WEAPONS. They are not to be used under any circumstances, All admins are Forbidden to spawn them, or give them to a player.
- IMPORTANT! - If you give a player an Illegal weapon, You will be Demoted and Permantly banned. This is a serious Offence.

RULE 6 - Foul Language (Swearing) - Players will swear, However, for the first time we have relaxed the rules. You may only warn (/warn) a player for foul language if it is: Excessive foul language, aimed at a players Family.
- However, Even though it has been relaxed for players, it has been tightned for Admins. NO admin is to swear in the main chat. What so ever! It sends out a bad message to the players, If you want to swear keep it too the Admin/VIP chat (/a-/v)
- The use of profanity, and bad language or insults by an admin in main chat is ground for demotion. Any profanity by an admin, towards another player is grounds for demotion.

RULE 7- You are not to ban people with information gathered using the aka command (/aka) - This command is used to gather information on players.
- You cannot ban players for having multiple account - If you suspect a player of this, you are to report on the forums

- The reason behing this rules - We have many people who play our servers through Internet cafes, school and Several members from the same family.

RULE 8 - You cannot say or hint at any sort of racism, or racial slurs - We have players from all over the world and they ate all to be respected equally.
- No matter a player or admins Religion, belives, customs or views they are to be treated as an equal at all times.
- We would prefer it is our admins did not bring up there 'Religion, belives, customs and views' in the main chat, this is because its bound to cause a disagreement.
- If you are to witness a disagreement based on 'Religion, belives, customs or views' you are to attempt to extinguish it quickly.
- IMPORTANT! - You may not ban anyone for voicing or expressing there views on 'Religion, belives, customs or views', if you do, you will be demoted without question.

RULE 9 If a player quickly toggles bus or taxi missions, causing spam in the main chat then ignore it, This is not classed as spam because the player may not know what they are doing.

RULE 10 If you do not get along with another admin, Then you are to ignore them and stear away from getting into arguments or confronting them.
- However you should be able to talk proffessionally with them, For example: if you need help with any admin related duties.

RULE 11 Speed Boost (level 6+ only) - This is only to be used when in the presence of other admins or whilst roaming alone. If you have non leveled players around you or in your car DO NOT use it.

RULE 12 As an admin you are expected to remain MATURE at all times - Maturity is essential for a well organised admin team.
- When [CVT] members and admins are chosen, we do not tend to look at there age. Aslong as you are Mature you can be an Admin.. However, Immaturity wont be tolerated and will result in a demotion.
Regards To All
Thanks To Owners To Make This Fantastic Server
Black Tiger
-----------Idea By---------Niko
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Administration Rules
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