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 Optic Niko [App]

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PostSubject: Optic Niko [App]   Optic Niko [App] EmptyFri May 09, 2014 10:28 am

In-Game Name:[CVT]Niko
K/D Ratio:0.010
How good are you at Deathmatching (1-10)?:8
Why would you like to join Optics?:Just To become A Good Member Of a Special Faction
If you left or have been kicked from Mafia recently, when did you leave?: (Provide an exact date if possible.)No
Have you been in Mafia previously?:no
How long have you been in the Mafia?:Not in Mafia
Timezone (GMT):+5:30
How much in-game time do you spent?:About 1 Day
Did anyone from Optics talk to you about joining Optics? (Referral):Amir
Have you ever been punished by an admin? If so, what for?:No
Do you promise to follow ALL ofOptics rules? (Yes/No):Yes OfCours
What is your Skype Username?:lalu.patel36
Talk about yourself.. (How long you've been playing SA-MP - Where you have lived - What languages you speak - Hobbies - Etc.):I am In Samp From 2 years I Live In Gujarat India My Hobby Is Scripting And Playing
What do you expect from Optics?:A Special Faction With Very Trained Experts
What can Optics expect from you?:The Max The Full The Power The Winning Of Optic
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PostSubject: Re: Optic Niko [App]   Optic Niko [App] EmptyFri May 09, 2014 12:02 pm

your K/D man it's horrible lol you dosen't meet the requierement's,Deniendyou may reply after you've fix your K/D
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Optic Niko [App]
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