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 NOTE: (Global stats wiped+Sidenote)

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NOTE: (Global stats wiped+Sidenote) Empty
PostSubject: NOTE: (Global stats wiped+Sidenote)   NOTE: (Global stats wiped+Sidenote) EmptyThu May 08, 2014 1:55 pm

First of all hai there,how are you? I hope you're in a good condition.
These TOPIC is for Optic members only.

Okay let's start.I'll make it short,If you guys noticed that  global stats has been wiped due to some problem’s .Since  the global stats has been wiped,maybe you guys are wondering if you can get your optic rights back right?Yes, you can get it back by sending a personal message to me in game Or you can asked the rights from Level 8+adminastarators via /ask comannd. Maybe you like “HOW ABOUT MY STATS YOU MOTHERFUCKER” that’s why,This includes everything that you lost such as kill,score,deaths and other’s. You may ask them. .I hope you can understand it.I hope you can collaboration with us.I am personally sorry for this situation, we will make sure this will never ever happen again, I am sorry for every single one of you, I hope you can forgive us.
NOTE: (Global stats wiped+Sidenote) Lcpkaoz_zpscc089b17

For the side note,It’s a pleasure to be your commannder,optic member’s always support me when i need their help and you also has filled my time with such a wonderful experience.I appriciate it,I’m sorry if I’am a bad commander,I’ll tried to improve myself from time to time maybe it will take about 2 month for me to change into a new Amir  xD(that not insulting other player’s)by the way thanks for your service to the squad,I really appriciated it. You are truly amazing guys.Thanks for that!I love you please let me kiss you Razz(i’m not a gay),see you guys around!PEACE.


regrad's [CVT]Amir
Your comannder [CVT]Amir
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NOTE: (Global stats wiped+Sidenote)
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