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 Rules of the Server/Forum/Facebook Group

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Rules of the Server/Forum/Facebook Group Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the Server/Forum/Facebook Group   Rules of the Server/Forum/Facebook Group EmptyThu Mar 20, 2014 10:08 am

These rules apply to all no matter what his or her rank in server is.

General player rules

-No insulting,Flaming, trolling, Racism
- DDOSING, Trying to hack RCON, will result in firewall Bans, and will be reported to Legal Authorities
- No G Abuse, Bug abuses, Score Farming.
- Kniving admins on duty not allowed
- Use of pathetic mods like sobiet, raknet etc. which give undue advantage to players is strictly not allowed and shall be dealt seriously.
- No spamming, either ingame or on forums.
-  You may not abuse or insult anyone ingame. This Behaviour has to be handled by admins by muting the person for 1 up to 3 minutes. Repeated abuse might also deserve a kick but it's not bannable. Specific expressions and statements against the community itself will not be tolerated and deserves the same punishment as above.
- No multi accounting.
- No Fake [CVT] Tag
- Everyone is responsible for his own account. If you allow anyone to hack or break the server rules with your own account it's your account that gets the ban there won't be a second chance for you. The same is valid for your IP address if anyone uses your IP to hack on the server we won't unban the IP afterwards if you have another account that has not been hacked with.
- You may not Carjack or blow up your own teammates or teammate's cars. This behaviour must also be handled with either a warn or slap.
- Base rape isnt allowed, this means you cannot attack enemy base with hydra, tank, seasparrow, hunter. You can only use them on capture zones, and to defend your own base.

Admin Rules / tagged member rules

-Members/Admins must ALWAYS be friendly and helpful in the direction of players, explain any kind of question to them, tell players how to deal with commands and show important things to them.
-Admins may not argue or fight in the direction of players.
-As a member/admin, it's your duty to report any false behaviour of other staff to the management, either via PM or in Complaint Section. This includes abuses of staff/admin commands, insults or false behaviour of staff members.
-You may not abuse your Admin status in order to gain respect or advantages ingame or to threaten players with punishments.
-Admins/Members are forced to vote on Member and Admin Applications regularly, not voting means to accept the player automatically.
-All Admins have to give their opinions on new Admin Application and Member Applications.
-If the account of an admin gets hacked, he will instantly be kicked from admin staff team.

Facebook Group Rules
-No advertising there
-nO SPamming posts , we dont want to spam everyones notifications
-All other general rules apply there also.

Whats Allowed ( Some server allows these or dosent so we need to be specific in these 2 cases )
- C-Bug and Driveby is 101% Allowed
- Skin Mods, Vehicle Skin Mods, Radar or other HUD mods, Sound mods are allowed. (Incase you have doubt whether a mod is allowed or not pls feel free to PM me )

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Rules of the Server/Forum/Facebook Group
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